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World Class Dispensing Systems

Shinwa supplies leading technology solutions by combining Small Dosing, Advanced Controls and Precise Positioning.  These three areas of competency drive improvements in system performance that enable miniaturization and increase process yield.  Position Synchronized Jetting (PSJ) improves speed and wet dispense accuracy while providing greater flexibility to change the dosage amount dynamically.  Automatic Line Tracking (ALT) is a measurement and process control tool that measures each part and automatically adjusts the dispensing pattern to compensate for part variation common with plastic injection molding processes.  

Smaller, Faster, Smarter, Better... it's what we strive to achieve every day to meet your changing needs. 

Solder Paste Jet Dispensing

Small Dot and Line Solder Paste Jetting

Shinwa is focused on solder paste deposition for small component joining including 01005 resistors, Chip Scale Package interconnections and RF Shield soldering. Shinwa’s Solder Paste Jetting systems can dispense a variety of Solder Paste formulations; type 4, 5, 6 and 7 formulations are successfully Jet dispensed.  Dot size is dependent on Jet hardware selection, process parameters and solder paste properties such as maximum sphere or ball size, ball size distribution, metals to flux ratio and flux chemistry. Most paste formulations run at 400 to 500 dots per second or 1,440,000 dots per hour (DPH).  Shinwa systems use both "Jetting" and "Jet Stamping" dispensing techniques in order to minimize dot size and solve access issues on populated substrates or in cavities.
A guideline for dot size (diameter):

  • Type 5 solder paste dispensed as small as 270um diameter

  • Type 6 paste dispensed as small as 220um diameter

  • Type 7 paste can be dispensed as small as 140um

Position Synchronized Jetting (PSJ)

Advanced Process Controls

Position Synchronized Jetting tightly synchronizes the firing of the jet dispenser with the position and motion profiles of the gantry. As the gantry executes different dispensing patterns, acceleration, constant velocity and deceleration states are employed. PSJ uses high speed communication between the system's motion controller, gantry encoders and Jet dispenser to monitor these states and adjust the firing frequency of the Jet to match the motion profile of the gantry.  This advanced technology insures that all points in a line receive the same amount of fluid regardless of their location within the pattern.  For some applications, such as SmartPhone Case Bonding, it is desirable to have different line sizes within a pattern.  PSJ accomplishes this without sacrificing cycle time and Units Per Hour output.

The benefits of PSJ are greater placement accuracy when shooting dots "on the fly", improved consistency and greater flexibility in dispensing lines and patterns.  Dispense patterns that contain corners, a radius and line starting and ending points improve in uniformity and consistency.  Position Synchronized Jetting with Multiple Jet Heads on the MsL 23 system greatly increases production output for Solder Paste Jetting, Underfill and Bonding applications while improving precision and consistency.

Automatic Line Tracking (ALT) for SmartPhone Display to Case Bonding

Measures SmartPhone case dimensions and compensates for manufacturing tolerances and variation

Shinwa's Automatic Line Tracking System for SmartPhone Case to Display bonding improves performance, process yields and product quality. Automatic Line Tracking measures bonding channels on the SmartPhone case and then compensates for part to part variation by adjusting dispensing parameters and line placement location to optimize the dispense pattern for each case. ALT also measures the dimensions of the dispense pattern to provide process feedback and verification.

Multiple Head Dispensing with Independent Motion and Controls

Reduce Dispensing Time and increase UPH without sacrificing Precision

Shinwa's MsL-23 system offers machine configurations with 2 or 3 dispensing heads each with Independent Motion to greatly reduce dispensing cycle time while compensating for part positioning tolerances. The Shinwa MsL-23 system increases UPH for Solder Paste Jetting, Underfill and Bonding applications in Semiconductor Packaging, LED Lighting and PCB assemblies. Position Synchronized Dispensing with Multiple Jet Heads insures position accuracy and dispensing consistency for even the most precise applications.

Dispensing and Automation Expertise

Standard Products and Customized Needs

Shinwa offers both standard systems and highly customized products to meet unique needs. With advanced knowledge in Dispensing, Mechatronics and Factory Automation, Shinwa designs systems to help customers enable new designs, improve quality and lower costs.  Customized systems and features often include multiple dispensing heads, integration of Inspection tools, equipment size layout, specialty part handling systems, calibration and measurement equipment, and Factory Information System Software. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Shinwa Dispensing Systems

Shinwa offers five different models of "standard dispensing systems".  The MsL, MsL 23, Ss, MsB and GP2 systems are configured with a variety of dispensing heads and process control tools for performing applications including, Solder Paste Jetting, Flip Chip and CSP Underfill, Micro Component Bonding, Encapsulation, Flux, Thermal Interface Materials and Display Bonding with Hot Melt (PUR) adhesives.


While we offer a variety of standard systems, Shinwa is a "solutions company", leveraging extensive automation expertise and applications knowledge to build customized dispensing equipment for many different production environments. Innovations such as Position Synchronized Solder Jetting, Automatic Line Tracking, 3D Dispensing, Micro Piston Pump and 3 Head simultaneous dispensing enable new product designs for many industry leading customers in micro-electronics.

Shinwa works with customers to meet new design requirements, improve process yields, lower costs and increase factory output. 

Contact Us today regarding your dispensing application needs.

Solder Paste Jetting and Micro Dispensing Systems

Shinwa designs and manufactures precision dispensing equipment for the electronics industry. We specialize in solder paste jetting and micro dispensing systems that enable miniaturization and new product designs in today's electronic devices. Our equipment incorporates the latest technologies in Dispensing, Robotics, Motion Control and Process Monitoring. Shinwa dispensing systems are used by leading companies in SmartPhone Assembly, Semiconductor Packaging, Opto-electronic LED Lighting, PCB SMT Assembly, Automotive Electronics, MEMS, Hard Disk Drive and Sensor Assembly operations.

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