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MsL Series System

World Class Standards

The MsL series system is a high precision dispensing system for Solder Paste Jetting and Micro Dispensing applications. The MsL utilizes one of the most advanced motion control systems in the world enabling Position Synchronized Jetting, Continuous Path Jetting, Automatic Line Tracking (ALT) and 3 Dimensional Dispensing.  Dot and Line measurement and inspection can also be configured on the system providing feedback and process control.

Application configurations include Solder Paste, Bonding, Underfill, Encapsulation, Fluxing and more.
The MsL incorporates the latest technology in Linear Motor Drive Systems with an "H Bridge" Gantry for superior Acceleration, Low Settling Time and Following Error, and Precise Positioning.

  • "H Bridge" Gantry reduces settling time

  • Dual Y Drive with Independent Motors to reduce Yaw error

  • +/- 5um Position Repeatability X,Y axis

  • +/- 3um Position Repeatability Z axis

  • 3G Acceleration

  • 1.5 meter per second Velocity

MsL-23 System

Multiple Dispensing Heads with Independent Motion

The MsL 23 is a new system designed to meet the needs of our highest volume customers. The MsL 23 performs applications in PCB assembly, LED Lighting and Semiconductor Packaging industries.  The MsL 23 greatly reduces cycle time and increases UPH by dispensing on multiple products at the same time while still compensating for part position differences and tolerances.  For Solder Paste Jetting, Underfill and Bonding applications, one machine can replace 3 or 4 traditional dispensers saving floor space, set-up time, down time, maintenance and equipment costs. 


The system is configured with 2 or 3 dispensing heads each with independent X,Y, Z motion.  Each Jet or Pump is calibrated independently and dosing levels monitored with individual dispensing controls. Talk to us about the MsL 23 to increase output and streamline your operations.

  • Up to 9 axis coordinated motion

  • 2 or 3 independent dispensing heads

  • Position Synchronized Jetting (PSJ)

  • High Speed Solder Paste Jetting 

  • Vision on the Fly and Scanning Height Sensing

Ss System

Small Size High Precision System

With manufacturing space at premium, Shinwa has created the Ss system. At just 800mm x 800mm in size, this small footprint allows Industrial Engineers to create factory work centers that utilize ~40% less space than traditional dispensing equipment.

The Ss system uses the same Linear Motor Drive technology and Avdanced Controls as the MsL series equipment achieving +/-5um position repeatability. The system is ideal for small component assembly applications requiring high precision and small footprint production environments. Typical applications and production environments include:

  • SmartPhone Case to Display Bonding

  • Solder Paste Jetting for component attach

  • Encapsulation and Coating of Micro Sensors

  • Underfill for Image Sensors and Opto-electronics LED

  • Automatic Line Tracking (ALT)

  • Position Synchronized Jetting (PSJ)

MsB System

Solder Paste Jetting, Underfill for Semiconductor and SMT

The MsB dispensing system features all the latest advancements in the dispensing industry; Position Synchronized Dispensing, Automatic Line Tracking and 3D Dispensing. The MsB also has Dispense Mass (Weight) Verification, Vision on the Fly and Non-Stop Height Sense Scanning for reducing vision processing and height sensing time and increasing UPH.

The MsB incorporates a closed loop servo driven ball screw drive system and the same advanced motion and process controls as the MsL series systems:

  • Automatic Line Tracking Compatible (ALT)

  • Position Synchronized Dispensing Compatible (PSD)

  • +/- 15um Position Repeatability X,Y axis

  • +/- 3um Position Repeatability Z axis

  • 1.5G Acceleration

  • 1 meter per second Velocity

GP2 System

In-Line Conveyorized System

The GP2 offers fully automated dispensing and SMEMA compatible in- line conveyor handling at an affordable price. The system has advanced features including automatic "on the fly" vision processing, non-stop laser height sensing, automated tool setup and a process calibration station.

The GP2 has great applications flexibility and can be configured with a variety of dispensing Jets and Pumps including; Shinwa's Solder Paste Jet, Servo Rotary Screw Pump, Pressure Differential Pump and Piston Positive Displacement Pump.

The system is capable of Jetting solder paste, underfill epoxy, encapsulation, sealants, fluxes and Hot Melt PUR bonding adhesives. Thermal Interface Materials and Potting Compounds requiring high flow rates are dispensed with Shinwa's closed loop Servo Rotary Screw Pump.  

  • Vision on the Fly

  • Non-Stop Laser height sense scanning

  • Automatic Line Tracking Compatible (ALT)

  • +/- 15um X,Y Position Repeatability

  • Automated Set up and Calibration

MsL CR100

Class 100 Clean Room Compatible

The MsL CR100 is a Class 100 Clean Room compliant version of the MsL system. This system incorporates cables, cat tracks and accessory components that are certified for Clean Room use.

The CR100 system generates extremely low particulate and has an air flow design and HEPA filtration system that directs air flow inside the system for optimum performance.  A stainless steel exterior is easy to wipe down and maintain.

The system supports all the latest dispensing technology including Position Synchronized Jetting, Automatic Line Tracking, 3D Dispensing and Inspection.

The MsL CR 100 is ideal for products and manufacturing environments that are sensitive to contamination and require a high level of particulate control. These industries include:

  • 300mm Wafer Level Dispensing (Underfill)

  • Optics and MEMS Devices (Solder Paste, Bonding)

  • Hard Disk Drive Assembly (Bonding)

  • Glass and Display Assembly (Bonding, Sealing)

MsL Series System
MsL-23 System
MsL CR100
Ss System
MsB System
GP2 System
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