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3D Products

Modern Designs

Today's leading products incorporate modern designs and materials. Three dimensional surfaces with contemporary contouring are common in the mobile electronic products we use every day. These innovative shapes continue to capture the hearts and minds of global consumers and place new requirements on manufacturing equipment.

Height Sense Scanning

Measuring Surface Topography

Shinwa dispensing systems use scanning techniques with confocal or triangulation lasers to scan and measure the surface of a part and develop a profile. A laser sensor is selected based on part materials and application goals. The number of measurement points is user defined and determined by part tolerances and the sensitivity to dispense height variance.

3D Dispensing

Dispensing on a 3D Profile

The dispensing system uses the coordinate data to develop a 3 dimensional part profile. The machine's 3 axis interpolated motion system follows the part's 3 dimensional surface maintaining a consistent distance from nozzle tip to part surface even on slopes. This capability insures that a consistent dispense height is maintained achieving the best dispensing results.

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