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Hot Melt Adhesive (PUR) Jetting

SmartPhone Case to Display Bonding and PCB component staking

Hot melt is a phase change material that is packaged in solid form and when heated becomes a liquid. The material is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity requiring the jet to have excellent thermal stability, independently controlled heat zones and high frequency actuation for continuous path line dispensing.


Shinwa has extensive experience with Jetting hot melt adhesive materials, also known as PUR (polyurethane reactive). An on-going collaboration with Marco GmbH in Germany has resulted in the creation of an industry leading hot melt dispensing system that can be configured for different price & performance solutions.


PUR adhesive is an excellent bonding agent while also sealing out moisture making mobile phones less prone to failure due to liquids or drop events. Because of these properties, Hot Melt is used widely in bonding and sealing SmartPhones. Control over line size and placement are critical to achieving good results and high manufacturing yields. Automatic Line Tracking (ALT) measures each phone case and allows the system to compensate for part tolerances and inspect bead size and shape.  At Right, a picture of the hot melt adhesive Jet dispenser.  Piezo actuator life is guaranteed to 1.5 billion (1,500,000,000) cycles.

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