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Solder Paste Jet Dispenser

World Class Standards

The Shinwa Solder Paste Jet is capable of dispensing a variety of solder paste formulations. The actuation frequency of the Solder Paste Jet is as high as 1,200 Hz but most paste formulations run at 400 to 500 dots per second or 1,440,000 dots per hour (DPH).

Shinwa designs Tappets and Nozzles for different dot sizes and application requirements. A Peltier Temperature Control Unit (TCU) maintains a constant temperature on the solder paste jet body and fluid module preventing the system from dispensing inconsistencies associated with thermal variance and heat generated from high frequency dispensing.

Solder Paste Dot Applications

Solder Paste Jetting for CSP and PoP Interconnects

Solder Paste Jet dispensing for Chip Scale Packages is shown in the picture at right. In this application, solder paste dots 150 microns in diameter are dispensed at high speed on to the CSP pads on the printed circuit board (PCB).
Dispensing provides better control and fewer "Insufficients" than the traditional printing process. More complex products, with a variety of solder paste deposition requirements, are pushing the limitations of printing and opening opportunities for dispensing.

Solder Paste Applications Jetted Lines

Lines for RF Shield to PCB or Lid to Substrate Attach

Small solder paste lines are used for soldering RF Shields to the SmartPhone main PCB and to solder shields or lids to component packages. The picture at right shows solder paste lines 165um wide Jet dispensed at various lengths depending on shield size.

The key application capabilities are line size consistency and excellent line placement in order to keep the solder from bridging to adjacent components on the substrate. This requires excellent dispensing control and low "following error" from the motion system as it executes the dispensing path. These lines are measured for both size and parallelism.

As a leading manufacturer of dispensing equipment, Shinwa offers a variety of dispensing Jets and Pumps for meeting different application tasks. Material type and deposition requirements drive the selection of the dispenser. We have applications expertise in Solder Paste Jetting, Underfill Epoxy, Silicone Encapsulants, Bonding Adhesives, Silver Epoxy, Flux, Thermal Interface Materials and Hot Melt Adhesives. Shinwa equipment enables new product designs and provide advantages in Precision, Speed and Flexibility.


Micro Dispensing Small Dots and Lines

Shinwa is focused on solder paste deposition for small component joining including 01005 (metric 0402) resistors and capacitors, Chip Scale Package interconnections and RF Shield soldering. Shinwa’s Solder Paste Jetting systems can dispense a variety of Solder Pastes types. Type 4, 5, 6 and 7 formulations are Jet dispensed successfully. Dot size is dependent on solder paste formulation, Jet hardware component selection and process parameters.

Solder paste properties such as solder ball size, particle size distribution, metals to flux ratio and flux chemistry play a vital role in dot size and jetting consistency. Shinwa works closely with leading solder paste suppliers to optimize solder paste formulations for Jetting. Shinwa systems use both "Jetting" and "Jet Stamping" dispensing techniques in order to meet dot size requirements and part access issues with populated assemblies. A guideline for dot size (diameter):

Type 5 solder paste dispensed as small as 220um diameter
Type 6 paste dispensed as small as 200um diameter
Type 7 paste can be dispensed as small as 130um

Solder Paste Jet Dispenser
Solder Paste Dot Applications
Solder Paste Applications Jetted Lines
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