Innovation: Advanced Process Controls


Position Synchronized Dispensing improves results when dispensing in corners and joined line segments. The dispensing system adjusts the Jet firing frequency to insure that there is not excess fluid in corners or in blended segments. The picture below (Right) illustrates a typical dispensing system that creates a small radius move in the corner position and dispenses at the same frequency while decelerating and accelerating in the corners. On the left, this problem is solved by using Position Synchronized Dispensing while executing the dispensing pattern. This capability improves application results for Display or Lens Bonding and Underfill requiring an "L" pattern.

Line with PSD

Innovation: Advanced Process Controls


Position Synchronized Jetting tightly synchronizes the firing of the jet dispenser with the position and motion profiles of the gantry. As the gantry executes different dispensing patterns, it goes through acceleration, constant velocity and deceleration states. PSD uses high speed communication between the gantry position encoders, the motion controller and Jet dispenser to monitor these states and automatically adjust the firing frequency of the Jet to match the motion state, insuring that all points in a line receive the same amount of fluid.
The benefits are greater placement accuracy and improved dispensing consistency in corners and at line starting and ending points. Position Synchronized Jetting with Multiple Jet Heads increases machine output for Solder Paste Jetting, Underfill and Display Bonding applications without sacrificing precision.

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