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Founded in 1951, Shinwa Co. Ltd is a publicly traded company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. Shinwa has advanced engineering expertise in Precision Dispensing and Metal Joining technologies such as soldering, welding and brazing. The company has 600+ employees and operates in over 30 countries throughout the world. Formed in 2005, the Dispensing & Mechatronics Division designs and builds dispensing machines for Solder Paste Jetting and Micro Dispensing applications. With extensive expertise in Robotics and Factory Automation, Shinwa offers leading dispensing systems and highly customized dispensing machines. Shinwa equipment is used every day by companies in Mobile Electronics, SmartPhone Assembly, Automotive Electronics , Opto-electronics/LED Lighting and Semiconductor Packaging industries.


Helping Industry Leaders Enable New Product Designs and Innovations

Shinwa's Dispensing & Mechatronics Division supplies automated dispensing systems that meet the miniaturization trends of today’s micro-electronic industry. Shinwa supports a culture of innovation by embracing a motto we call the “Three Pioneering Spirits."

Pioneering innovation to meet the needs of new products, new customers and new manufacturing requirements. Industries we serve include SmartPhone Assembly, LED Lighting/Opto-Electronics, Mobile and Automotive Electronics and Semiconductor Packaging.

Shinwa offers enabling technology solutions in several areas:

  • ​​Solder paste jetting systems offer advancements in component joining for 01005 capacitors and resistors, Chip Scale Packages and RF Shields

  • Nano-liter and Pico-liter dispensing of bonding adhesives meets next generation packaging requirements for Optoelectronics, Sensors, HDD and MEMS devices

  • MsL 23 multiple head machine provides higher UPH for Semiconductor Packaging and PCB Assembly

  • Position Synchronized Jetting results in greater precision and higher production performance for Solder Paste Jetting, SmartPhone Case to Display bonding and Wafer level underfill

  • Automatic Line Tracking System detects part tolerances and compensates with precision bead and line placement for SmartPhone Display to Case Bonding

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